Year-Round Fundraising

Year-Round Fundraising

Abernethy participates in several programs that provide year-round fundraising. Many of these programs require a simple one-time registration, and then continue to distribute funds to the school every month based on registered users’ utilization of the program. Best of all, there is no additional cost to you for the contributions the school receives. 



Sign up at and you can earn funds for Abernethy (#8560460) in any of the following ways:

Use eScrip’s online mall when you make purchases online. Many popular retailers participate in the program. Anytime you are buying something online, just go to, find the retailer and then go to the retailer’s site via the link provided by eScrip. Using their link logs any purchase you make at that retailer and your eligible purchases earn money for the school. Each retailer has different policies and contribution rates which you can review on their eScrip Mall page before you shop.

Install the eScrip ForgetMeNot toolbar and you can go directly to a retailer’s site without visiting the eScrip Online Mall and still earn funds for Abernethy. Certain vendors like Amazon, Target and Home Depot require you to go to their site through the mall in order to earn funds, but the ForgetMeNot toolbar is a great option for other shopping.

Dine out and earn. Take a night off from doing dishes and earn up to 5% back for Abernethy. Earn with registered credit and debit cards at participating restaurants. You’ll earn 2.5% of your purchase for the school, and you can earn an additional 2.5% by completing an online review of the restaurant. Register here.

Shop at Zupan’s or Market of Choice with your registered credit and debit cards and earn 2%-5% on purchases. Register here.


Fred Meyer Rewards

Sign up for the Community Rewards program by linking your Fred Meyer Rewards card to Abernethy Elementary. Search for Abernethy Elementary or use our number, 94049, to link your card. After you sign up, you earn money for Abernethy when you shop. This is an additional award for the school and takes nothing from your own personal rewards!


Amazon Smile

You shop. Amazon gives. Every time you shop at Amazon .05% of your purchase goes to the charity of your choice . Start by choosing Abernethy Elementary School PTA as your charity of choice. Then simply shop at Amazon through, and we'll earn a portion of your purchases.