Tour de Ladd

Thank You Video

The 9th Annual Tour de Ladd was a blast!  What a great day!  We had 100% participation from our students either riding or in the cheering section. We’ve already tallied $25,000 in pledge commitments from the pledge forms turned in ahead of time.  As for the grand total of funds raised this year, we promise to end the suspense as soon as possible, with your help in returning pledges as soon as possible!

Paper pledge forms will be returned this week indicating the number of laps your child has completed and pledges and/or a sheet indicating the number of laps your child completed. Please help your student follow-up with their sponsors to collect their pledges.  Any checks or cash payments should be placed in an envelope labeled with your child’s name and returned to the office by Friday, October 21st.  Checks should be made payable to “Abernethy Elementary PTA”. Payment can also be made online at

Special thanks to Principal Heather Hull and P.E. teacher Joanne Romanaggi and the entire Abernethy faculty and staff, for giving up the morning to our fundraiser; to Phoebe Shen, our website and database manager; to Kirsten Finstad, for website support; to John Stainbrook, our Course Coordinator who made sure the course was clear and safe for the kids; to Caitlin Devereaux, for managing the bike corral craziness and all of our classroom and corral volunteers; to Carrie Richardson, for perfectly managing our lap tally team; to Jeff Azerrad, for escorting the kids around the course; to Sarah Dunham, for selling and fitting helmets; to our first aid team Karin Jacobsen and Mina Browne; to Laurie Freed for leading our cheering section; to Legacy Health System, for supplying the helmets for our helmet sales; and especially to our Abernethy neighbors, who willingly allow us to take over their streets for several hours once a year.

We also want to recognize every parent, relative, and friend who ensured the streets stayed clear of cars and safe for our students by keeping vigilant watch for three hours at the barricades, who checked bikes into the corral and performed on-the-fly bike repairs before, during, and after the ride, who helped escort kids to and from their bikes and the course, who checked the fit of helmets and assisted with number placement, who cleaned up scrapes and handed out ice after inevitable (but thankfully scarce) collisions, who counted and tallied laps, who took pictures to document this amazing morning, or simply came to cheer.  Thank you!  We calculated it takes at least 100 volunteers to keep the wheels rolling - this event could NOT happen without the help of all of you.

If you have any questions related to collecting pledges or suggestions on how to improve the Tour de Ladd, please contact Hanna Newell

Thanks again everyone!

Hanna Newell and Murielle Adair

Tour de Ladd 2016 co-chairs