Annual Appeal

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When you give to the Abernethy Annual Appeal, you invest in a scholar and an innovator. You invest in an artist. You invest in a musician. You invest in a problem-solver, a global citizen, and a keeper of the earth. You invest in your child. 

The Abernethy Annual Appeal is the Abernethy Board’s primary annual fundraiser. It is a nearly three-week, direct giving campaign running from November 1 to November 22, 2016. It is the second of four fundraisers that occur throughout the year – the others are the Tour de Ladd, the Fund Run, and the Auction.

Why do we have these fundraising events throughout the year? As many of us know, there simply isn’t enough funding in Portland Public Schools to fund classroom basics, including additional math and reading support, teacher professional development, supplies and more. There is even less funding for additional enrichment programs. It therefore falls on us parents to help bridge the gaps. 

Funds raised through the Annual Appeal help enrich our school by helping pay for a full-time physical education teacher, a full-time garden teacher, library staff, and additional technology and arts spending. Dollars are allocated based on community input gathered by the annual Site Council survey.

To simply maintain current Abernethy programs, staff, and offerings – to keep what we have – we need to raise $290,000 this year. 



The annual fundraising goal of $290,000 averages to just under about $555 per student. If you can donate that much for each of your children at Abernethy, that would put us well on our way to meeting our goal. If you can do even more, that's great too. If you donate online with a credit card, you have the option of breaking up your donation into smaller monthly installments. A donation of $555 comes out to about $50 per month. A donation for $1,110 (for two students) comes out to about $100 per month. If you can't donate that much, please donate what you can. Every contribution counts! The amount you donate is completely up to you and all contributions are confidential. Donate now.


Breaking up your donation into monthly installments can be easier than writing one big check. For example, while donating $555 (the amount we must raise for one student per year) in one shot could be too much for some families, could you do it if you paid $50 instead? Similarly, if you're considering making a one-time donation of $50 or $100, please consider making a smaller monthly donation of $10 or $25 instead. That smaller monthly donation may not only be easier for you to pay, but it would more than double your total donation over the year and make a big difference to our school. 


Many local and national employers like Nike, Microsoft, Apple, Intel, Gap, Starbucks and others will match employee charitable donations up to certain limits. Double your donation by checking with your employer to see if they have a matching program, and note that on your response card. 

Also, grandparents, uncles and aunts, and other extended family of your Abernethy students are also often happy to donate to their grandchild's/niece's/nephew's school. Ask them, and send them a link to this Annual Appeal website.  If you'd like to send them the Annual Appeal letter, you can download it here.


What if I can't donate at this time – do I still return the green envelope?
Yes! While we hope as many parents will donate as possible, we understand some may not be able to.  We define 100% participation in the Annual Appeal to mean that all response cards are returned, not that all parents actually donate. Plus, your kids are counting on being in that first class to get all response cards returned so they can get their free coupon to Salt & Straw. So get those response cards returned ASAP, with or without a donation.

Is the Abernethy donation website secure?
Yes. The website runs on the Shopify platform in conjunction with Stripe, which is industry-standard and is used by over 200,000 ecommerce websites. ALL credit card information is handled securely.

Why does my shopping cart have $0?
Be sure to choose your donation amount and click the MAKE DONATION button not the ADD TO CART button to complete your transaction.

What if I have technical problems using the donation website?
You shouldn't, but sometimes you just never know with computers. Let us know ASAP if you have technical problems. You can contact either Ryan Gibson at, or email

Do I have to donate online?
No, although we recommend it. If you prefer, you can write a check, made out to the "Abernethy PTA," with your response card. But if you'd like to set up recurring monthly donations you will need to do so online via the icon below or the donate now button above.

Is the $290,000 target the fund-raising goal for the Annual Appeal alone?
No. That is our annual goal for all four of our fundraisers this year – the Tour de Ladd, the Annual Appeal, the Fund Run, and the Auction.  But the Annual Appeal is our primary and largest fundraiser during the year, in part because it is a "direct giving" campaign, and does not have as much overhead costs as other fundraisers, such as the Auction. It is important that we raise as much as possible during the Annual Appeal.

Can I make a donation from my mobile device?
Yes. Our website is mobile-friendly, and many people have donated successfully by accessing the donation website right from their smart phone or tablet. 

Is my donation tax deductible?
Yes. The Abernethy PTA is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Tax ID and related information you will need to claim a deduction for a charitable donation will be included in your confirmation email (if you donate online) or letter (if you donate by check). 

To make your donation, select the ANNUAL APPEAL DONATION icon below or the DONATE NOW button at the top of the page.